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Protect Your HVAC System

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Protect Your HVAC System

4 Signs Showing You Need A New Air Conditioner

Ricardo Sanchez

If your AC unit is malfunctioning now and then and cannot cool your home as it should, then a unit replacement is imperative. You might also notice that it takes longer to cool your home, mainly due to aging, and internal repairs can longer solve the low-efficiency problem. Here's how to tell an air conditioner system warrants a replacement.

It Is More Than Ten Years Old

An old unit equals reduced efficiency and means that your unit is compromised and on its last leg. AC systems need replacement after a certain period due to mechanical wear and tear. 

That said, you can always extend the life expectancy of your unit by observing regular maintenance. For instance, the unit can last up to 12 years or up to 20 years for modern units when properly maintained. The life expectancy of your unit is also highly dependent on the climate and frequency of use.

It Breaks Down Too Often 

In addition to regular breakdowns, your AC unit might stop functioning for extended periods. Nothing is more frustrating than the lack of cool air, especially during the hot summers. If regular breakdowns are a norm despite repeated maintenance and repairs, then an AC unit replacement is the only to sort out the issue.

Please note that frequent repairs will cost you a lot of money, especially if you need to replace or repair the main components. To some extent, these repairs might become uneconomical.

A Spike in Energy Bills

If you have been tracking your devices' energy consumption, it is easier to notice high energy bills caused by your AC unit. A sudden spike in energy bills means your AC unit is faulty, and efficiency has hit rock bottom. This is a sign that the unit is old and warrants a replacement, especially when an HVAC contractor cannot fix the efficiency problem.

The Refrigerant is R-22 Freon

Unfortunately for homeowners whose HVAC units use this kind of refrigerant, it is no longer possible to get this refrigerant in shops to refill your unit. Its production in the country has been discontinued because of its harmful effects on the environment.

If your AC unit is ten plus years in service, it is likely that it uses this refrigerant and you should get it checked out. You will need to start preparing for an AC unit replacement in case the unit develops a refrigerant leakage.    

Every AC unit should be replaced when it becomes uneconomical to repair or replace its parts due to discontinued production and when the energy bills are unbearably high due to efficiency problems. Reach out to a professional who provides AC replacement services to learn more.