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Protect Your HVAC System

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Protect Your HVAC System

3 Major Problems Residential AC Repair Technicians Can Troubleshoot

Ricardo Sanchez

If you have a home, one of the most important appliances is the AC unit. Any time something serious happens to it, getting help from an AC repair technician is a good idea. They can help you troubleshoot the following complications. 

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant inside your AC unit is so important because it helps deliver cold air to the inside. Any time this refrigerant gets low, it's important to contact an AC repair technician. They are the only party that can legally refill this refrigerant. 

Professionals have gone through extensive training and know what safety protocol to follow when recharging your system. Your AC unit will also be filled up with the right refrigerant, which is important for keeping your AC unit working at an optimal rate. If your refrigerant is always needing to be refilled, the technician can check your coolant lines for possible leaks 

Dirty Air Ducts

If you don't change the air filter out periodically, then dirt and debris can build up in your air ducts. Not only can this cause your AC unit to overheat, but it can cause parts to break down more often than they should.

For dirty air ducts, it's important to work with a licensed AC repair contractor. They'll send special vacuums through the duct system, getting rid of the dirt and debris that has accumulated. The repair technician can also use cameras so that they can pinpoint exactly where dirty sections are.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

If your AC unit is relatively new, then the problem could be the thermostat. It may not be functioning properly and even prevent the AC unit from turning on. In this case, hire a residential AC repair technician. They'll bring out their specialized gear that is needed to test the thermostat's electrical components. 

Fuses and wires will be tested to make sure they're working as they should. If they're not, the proper corrections can be made.

One potential problem is that your thermostat is simply too old to work great anymore. In this case, they can set up a new thermostat that you personally select. 

AC units are so important during the summer months when the temperatures can get unbearable outside. Part of keeping this appliance running great for a long time is getting AC repair technicians to come out and address major complications. They have a lot of training under their belt, which helps them find solutions quickly before you're forced to deal with uncomfortable conditions inside.