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Protect Your HVAC System

Why The Coil On Your AC Is Freezing Up

Ricardo Sanchez

Your air conditioner is designed to keep things cool. However, it is not supposed to keep things so cool that the coils on your air conditioning system literally freeze up like your air conditioning is a freezer. Your air conditioner coils freezing up is not a good thing. If they are freezing up, there are a few reasons why this is more than likely happening, and all of these issues can easily be fixed by a licensed air conditioning repair technician.  

Reason #1: You Have Clogged Air Filters 

The easiest-to-fix reason for the coils on your air conditioning unit freezing up is because the filters in your air conditioning system are clogged. You should change the filters in your air conditioning system every few months, or whenever they get clogged. Clogged air filters can cause a host of issues with your air conditioning unit and could be why your coils on your machine are all frozen. 

Luckily, this is a really easy problem to fix. All that you need to do is change out the air filter on your air conditioner system. This is an issue you may be able to easily take care of on your own. 

Reason #2: Your Air Ducts Are Damaged

Air needs to flow through your system the right way in order for your system to work correctly. When an air duct is punctured or collapsed, not enough air will be flowing through your air conditioning system. A lack of air flowing through the air ducts can be a serious issue. When the airflow is not working as it should, it puts a lot of additional stress on your air conditioner's coils. All of this additional stress can manifest itself in frozen coils.  

In order to fix this situation, you will need to check all of the ducts in your home, figure out where the ducts are damaged, and then fix the damaged ducts. This is a job which is best left up to a professional. 

Reason #3: Your Refrigerant Is Leaking 

The final most common reason that your air conditioner coils are freezing is because you have a refrigerant leak in your unit. When your air conditioner is leaking oil, your air conditioning system will not be able to remove the heat from the air, which, ironically, will lead to the coils forming ice. Once again, this is a condition where you will want to bring in a professional. 

When it comes to your air conditioner's coils freezing, the issue could simply be a clogged air filter. Or it could be a more complicated issue, such as damaged air ducts or leaking refrigerant, which will require the assistance of a licensed air conditioning repair technician to assist you with the problem.

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