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Protect Your HVAC System

Signs That Your Water Heater Is Going Out

Ricardo Sanchez

It is never a pleasant experience to wake up to find that you have to take a cold shower because you have no hot water. Fortunately, most hot water heaters don't just quit all of a sudden. Instead, they will begin experience problems and will quit eventually if the problems are not addressed. If you know what signs to look for, you can get the repairs your hot water heater needs before it completely stops, and here are some of the signs you might notice that should indicate there is a problem.

The Water Is Not Hot Enough

A common sign that a hot water heater is about to go out is when you start noticing that your water is not hot enough. While you may still have hot water, or warm water, it will not last. The water temperature will be lower than it used to be, and you might run out of hot water must faster than you did before. If you see this sign, do not ignore it, as it could indicate that your hot water heater needs repairs.

The Quality of the Water Is Bad or Different

A second sign to watch out for is bad water quality. If the quality of your water is different from what it used to be, it could be due to a number of different problems, including a bad hot water heater. When a hot water heater begins going bad, it will often cause the debris from the bottom of the tank to spread through the water lines. This can lead to cloudy looking water or any other type of bad water quality.

The Heater Is Leaking

Another sign to watch out for is leaks by the hot water heater. If you see water leaking from it, there is definitely a problem with it, and old water heaters tend to have this problem more than others. Water leaking from the unit is a big problem that you should never ignore, as it may end up causing your hot water heater to stop completely.

The Age

Finally, you should factor age into the equation as well. A typical hot water heater will not last forever. Instead, it will last between 8 and 12 years. If your system is reaching this age, it might be time to replace the device.

You can learn more about water heater repairs by contacting a company that offers HVAC or plumbing repair services or visit sites like