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Protect Your HVAC System

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Protect Your HVAC System

Is It Time To Replace Your AC System? Consider These Signs

Ricardo Sanchez

The start of summer also signals the start of using your air conditioner in earnest. Your A/C system has weathered many a summer season, but now you may be wondering if it's time for a replacement. If you're currently on the fence about an A/C replacement, seeing the following signs may influence your final decision.

Poor Cooling

A lack of cool air or weak airflow is usually an obvious sign that something's wrong with your A/C system. Fortunately, a little troubleshooting and a few corrective repairs can help resolve most cooling performance issues. For instance, cleaning your ductwork or replacing an air filter can help correct poor A/C airflow.

If your A/C unit's poor cooling performance remains unchanged after these and other corrective measures, however, then you should have your A/C system replaced as soon as possible.

Frequent Breakdowns

Absolute reliability should be expected from your A/C system. Constant repairs not only rob you and other occupants of cooling comfort, but the costs of those emergency service calls can also add up. If you're calling your HVAC technician monthly simply to keep your A/C system going, then it may be time for a replacement. You should also consider an A/C replacement if the cost of repairing your current A/C system exceeds that of a brand-new A/C system.

Expensive Utility Bills

If you've noticed your utility bills steadily increasing with each passing month, then your A/C system may be to blame. The overall energy consumption of an air conditioner can actually increase with age, largely due to wear and tear on essential components. Older A/C systems also tend to be less energy efficient than today's eco-friendly units. An A/C replacement may be in your future if your current unit causes a dramatic increase in your utility bills.

Strange Noises

Of all the things that go bump in the night, your A/C system shouldn't be one of them. Your A/C system is designed to operate as quietly as possible. So when you start hearing strange noises--including squeaking, grinding and chattering noises--it's time to have your A/C system serviced. If repairs have little to no effect on your A/C system's composure, then it's time to upgrade to newer equipment.

Old Age

In an age where getting the most out of your home's appliances is important, your air conditioner offers an impressively long lifespan. Most A/C systems offer up to 20 years of reliable service before replacement becomes necessary. Some units can last even longer with the right amount of care and maintenance.

If your A/C system has already reached the 15-year mark, make plans for a replacement sooner rather than later. Not only will you have a newer and more reliable A/C system to work with, but it'll also be covered under a new warranty, whereas your old unit's warranty has likely expired already.