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Protect Your HVAC System

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Protect Your HVAC System

AC Maintenance You Should Leave To The Professionals

Ricardo Sanchez

You should definitely maintain your air conditioner in order to keep it running properly and working like new each and every time you need it. Your air conditioner requires different types of maintenance, some you can do and other work that you should leave to a professional to ensure it is done properly and to prevent damage to your system. Read below for maintenance work that should be left to the pros, and some wok you can do yourself.

Maintenance For The Pros

This is work that should be left to the professionals, unless you have experience with HVAC systems and have all of the tools and know-how, otherwise, call a pro instead.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels can be low for a few reasons, time and use, as well as leaks. If the refrigerant level is low it can cause your system to not cool your home properly.  A professional can check for refrigerant safely and can fill up refrigerant if it's found to be too low. Filling the refrigerant should also be done by a professional. Refrigerant can be very expensive, so you definitely want it filled properly without any waste.

Lubricate Moving Parts

If you're unsure about getting your hands on any of the inner workings of your air conditioner, then leave this part to the pros as well. The moving parts inside your air conditioner should be lubricated at least once per year, so if you aren't sure about what to lubricate, what to use or have no idea what you're doing, leave it to a professional instead.

Check Wiring

If your air conditioner isn't working and you think the wiring may be the problem, leave testing and replacing any wiring to a professional instead. There are a lot of electrical components on your air conditioner, so if you don't know what you're looking at or attempting to repair, don't even try it.

Maintenance You Can Do

Some A/C maintenance work you can do yourself such as:

  • Changing the air filter is one thing you can do yourself. It's a simple maintenance chore that anyone can do and can actually save you quite a bit of money. An air conditioning system that isn't getting enough air can cause all types of problems and breakdowns that could be costly to repair.
  • Spraying down your air conditioner to clean it throughout the summer season should be done so air can flow freely to the system. Much like the air filter, if your system doesn't get enough air it can cause a premature breakdown.
  • Remove growth around your air conditioner to prevent a block in air flow. This means pulling weeds, cutting back bushes and removing any other landscaping growing too closely.
  • Testing your system should be done before the beginning of the season. To test your system, adjust the temperature on the thermostat and change the setting to the "cool" setting. If you spot a problem, you should call a professional for a repair before the beginning of the season.

You should maintain your air conditioning system,  but some things should be left to the pros. Call a professional HVAC company to perform maintenance on your system before the beginning of the warm weather season. For more information, check out a website like