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Protect Your HVAC System

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Protect Your HVAC System

How To Clean Your AC Unit's Condenser

Ricardo Sanchez

Does it seem like HVAC system is not as energy efficient as it used to be? If you want to increase the airflow and the coldness of the air coming out of air conditioner, you might be able to do it yourself. Usually, cleaning a few simple components can increase the overall productivity of your AC system. This article explains some simple DIY jobs that could definitely help to reduce your monthly utility bills during the summer.

If your system is experiencing reduced airflow, there could be quite a few causes. One of the most common causes of reduced airflow is a dirty condenser unit. The condensing system is attached to the AC unit which is located outside of your house. This large appliance is mostly responsible for producing cold air and circulating it into your duct system. If the condenser are dirty, your AC unit is going to struggle to produce strong airflow.

What to Clean

The condenser system, which is made out of metal sheets that line that outside of the AC unit in the most important, they're also the most vulnerable. Since the AC unit is usually outside, often near dirt, plants, and grass, it can get quite dirty very easily. Just a little bit a wind could kick up dust and dirt that gets stuck in the condenser coils. When these coils are dirty, your entire system is going to suffer. This is why it is so important to regularly clean the outside of your AC unit.

How to Clean Your Coils

It is very easy to clean most AC units with just a hose. They have a protective metal cage, that water enables you to bypass the cage. However, if there is stubborn build up that won't wash away with just the hose and water, you might need to scrub them. Depending on your cage, you might be able to scrub through it. However, some cages will need to be removed if you need to thoroughly scrub the condensers.

You want to be sure to use a condenser cleaning brush because you don't want to actually bend the metal. The metal edges can be very flimsy, and they can bend if you put too much pressure on them or scrub against the grain. You just want to brush them in one direction. As you can see, cleaning your condenser system is very easy, you just need to remember to do the work. Contact an HVAC professional for more tips on getting the best heating and air conditioning.