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Protect Your HVAC System

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Protect Your HVAC System

3 Duct-Maintenance Tips to Reduce HVAC Wear and Improve Energy Efficiency

Ricardo Sanchez

The ducts in your home may be one part of your HVAC system that you give little thought to. Ducts can also be a place where dust collects and air leaks out of your air-conditioning system. There are repairs and improvements that you can do to ensure your ducts are in good condition and up to date with modern insulation. Here are some duct repairs and upgrades that can reduce problems with your heating and cooling.

1. Repairing Ductwork That Has Been Damaged By Animals

Animals can do a lot of damage to the ductwork in your home. Pests like mice, raccoons, squirrels, and chipmunks can get into ducts and remove the insulation for nesting. This can cause severe air leaks and problems with the efficiency of your HVAC system. These problems can be bad in homes with crawlspaces where animals may be able to easily access the ducts. If your ductwork has damage from animals, you will want to make sure that it gets repaired.

2. Replacing Old and Outdated Materials with Modern, Durable Insulation

Replacing old and outdated materials with modern, durable insulation is an improvement that can help improve your HVAC efficiency. Old duct insulation can be a loose fiber material that is taped at joints. This can allow air leaks to be places where your cooling and heating escapes your home. Today, there are modern insulation materials that are less obstructive and better at insulating ducts to improve energy efficiency of HVAC systems. You may also want to consider encapsulating areas like crawlspaces to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

3. Redesigning Ducts for New, More Efficient Designs and Features Like Zoning

Older homes may have another problem with their air ducts: inefficient designs and lack of features like zoning. If you have an older home, then in may be time to have your ductwork upgraded. Newer HVAC systems have zoned designs, which can allow the air conditioning to cool different areas of your home depending on the needs. This prevents energy waste in areas where the cooling is not needed. In addition, the HVAC system can be updated with a new thermostat and controls to allow for zoning. Smaller ducts can also be used in some areas to help save space.

These are some duct-maintenance tips that can help make sure your ducts are in good shape. If you need help with repairs and improvement to your ductwork, contact an HVAC service like Comfort Pros to help with these improvements and service for your HVAC system.