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Protect Your HVAC System

Too Cold In The Garage Or Workshop? Install A Gas Heater

Ricardo Sanchez

Do you have a garage or workshop where you work on woodworking projects in your spare time? In that case, you might need to consider the best way to heat the space, especially if you spend a lot of time there. You don't want to be distracted by the cold as you work. One great idea is to install a gas-fired forced-air heater that mounts on your ceiling. The following article examines this possibility in more detail. 

Why a Gas-Fired Heater 

These types of heaters are a good choice because they are both economical and efficient. You might be tempted to use a cheaper propane or kerosene-fueled space heater, but this is not a good decision. Propane and kerosene units have ventilation issues that might require you to leave a door or window open, which is not something you want to do during cold weather. On the other hand, more comprehensive options, such as radiant floor heating, might be too expensive for the average homeowner's budget.  

Sizing and Installation 

Before purchasing a gas-fired, ceiling-mounted heater, you must first determine what size model you need. If you buy a model that is too small for the garage or workshop, it won't heat the area effectively. If you get a unit that is too large, you will waste energy. 

Which size unit will work best on your case, depends on various factors such as the such as the square footage, ceiling height and whether the room is insulated. Consult with a manufacturer or dealer. Once they have the necessary information about your space, they can make a recommendation. 

Costs Involved

Gas-fired, ceiling heaters vary in price depending on the size and features, with $500 to $650 being an average range for the typical unit. You will also need to include the cost of hiring a heating system installation professional to install the unit. These heaters are not something that the average person should attempt to install themselves unless they have a very high level of do-it yourself skills, as it is a complex task that involves working on your roof.


Always check with your local building office to determine what permit or permits are required, if any, in order to have the unit installed.

Gas-fired, ceiling-mounted heaters are one of the best ways to warm a space used for woodworking or other do-it-yourself projects. For more information about this intriguing subject, contact a local heating, ventilation and cooling contractor.