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Protect Your HVAC System

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Protect Your HVAC System

3 Things That May Be Impacting The Performance Of Your Home AC Unit

Ricardo Sanchez

In most areas of the country, when summer hits, it means that the air conditioners are coming on. Depending on the exact locale and time of summer, those ACs are running at full capacity. As a result, this is also the time of year when AC repairs are common and expensive. To help you avoid the need to call on a HVAC repair expert, here are a few things that may be affecting your air conditioner's performance and could potentially lead to an unnecessary breakdown:

1. Failing to Change the Air Filter.

This is probably the most common failure of most air conditioning units. While many homeowners realize they need to change their air filter regularly in order to prevent it from getting too dirty, the struggles of daily life tend to get in the way, and people forget. Unfortunately, when that air filter becomes clogged, it causes a restriction of airflow to the air conditioner. As a result, the unit works harder to keep your home cool. This not only causes you to pay more out in your energy bills, but it can also potentially lead to the premature failure of your air conditioning system. So, make sure you change your filter every three months and check it every month during the summer when the AC is used so heavily.

2. Dog Urine.

If you have a four-legged furry friend that either lives in the backyard or spends a lot of time out there, then he may be peeing the AC condenser. While the effects are not immediate, the urine can result in various AC parts suffering from corrosion. Eventually, these components will fail and could potentially harm other parts of the AC or cause the entire unit to fail and need to be replaced. If you are able to catch your dog in the act, you can immediately spray the condenser down with your water hose to wash the urine away and prevent the need for major, costly repairs.

3. Closing the Vents in Rooms That Aren't Used.

Although this may not always cause serious AC problems, it can eventually lead to the failure of your unit. It could also cause you to pay more than necessary on energy bills. At first thought, you assume that closing off vents to room that are not used will save you money. However, due to the pressure imbalance that is caused, it can actually cause the air conditioner to run harder than necessary and cost you more.

Do what you can to avoid the aforementioned problems, and you'll drastically reduce your chances of needing assistance from an air conditioning repair professional. 

If you need help with repairs or maintenance and are wondering if you should hire local HVAC services, you can find out here.