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Protect Your HVAC System

Commercial Refrigerator Tips for New Restaurant Owners

Ricardo Sanchez

Owning a restaurant can be a dream come true, but these businesses require extensive amounts of equipment to run. In particular, it is essential to have a power refrigerator to keep foods cold until they are needed. While these devices are essential, they can be extremely expensive, which means it is essential for small restaurants to get the most from these units. Luckily, there are a couple of commercial refrigerator tips that you can follow to help your unit avoid some fairly common but potentially devastating problems.

Have the Refrigerator's Fan and Motor Cleaned

Many restaurant owners will make the error of failing to service the refrigerator until problems have already started to develop. However, making sure to regularly remove any dust and dirt from around the fan and motor will help to greatly reduce the chances of serious problems arising with the system. Dirt and dust developing around the fan can greatly impede the flow of air, which can cause the unit to struggle to keep the interior cool.

Additionally, if these substances gather around the motor, it is possible for jams to develop, and this can cause the entire unit to fail. To mitigate these problems, you will need to regularly dust around these areas of the refrigerator. Ideally, this work should be done at least every couple of weeks to prevent enough dust accumulating to cause serious issues. You may also want to contact commercial refrigeration services every now and then to check over the motor and ensure it's working properly.

Consider Installing an Emergency Power Source

Eventually, your restaurant will suffer a power loss. Whether this is due to strong storms passing through the area or routine work being done to the power lines, it is essential that you protect the foods in your refrigerator from spoiling during this time. To accomplish this, you will need to install a backup power source of some kind.

For those with space around their building, an exterior generator may be ideal because it can provide enough power for the entire restaurant. However, if space is a limiting factor, a battery backup can be a feasible alternative. While this option will not be able to power the entire restaurant, it can keep the refrigerator running for several hours.

Ensuring that your restaurant's refrigerator avoids routine problems will require you to understand a couple of the more simple steps that can be taken. Appreciating the benefits of keeping the fan and motor clean as well as installing a backup power source can help you to prevent common problems from resulting in the food in your refrigerator from spoiling.