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Protect Your HVAC System

Four Side Benefits To Going Back To School To Become An HVAC Contractor

Ricardo Sanchez

Knowing what you know about HVAC contractors, you may be tempted to return to a vocational college to become one. If you are serious about becoming an HVAC contractor, or if you are still wavering in this decision, there are some side benefits to becoming an HVAC technician. The following side benefits to this career choice should help you cement your decision.

You Can Use Your Own Furnace for Skills Practice

HVAC contractors have to log several hours' worth of repair practice before they can graduate from their programs and/or become certified and licensed. If you already own your own home, you can utilize your own furnace for skills practice. Just be sure to clear it with your instructor first. If your instructor needs to supervise, you will have to schedule your practice repairs during school hours, so avoid trying to practice these skills on your own until you have been given the go-ahead by an instructor or a contractor (under whom you will intern).

You Can Save Yourself a Lot of Money on Furnace Repair Bills

Once you are fully certified and licensed, you can perform your own routine maintenance on your furnace, your air conditioner and even your water heater. Being equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform your own HVAC system repairs will also save you a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, because of your newly acquired degree/certification, you can buy furnaces, air conditioners and even parts at cost, rather than the manufacturer's suggested retail price, further reducing your air conditioning and furnace repair bills.

Your Education Is Eventually Paid for By Your New Degree

In fact, this is one career where your books, tuition, degree and certification pay for themselves after you have done a few years' worth of maintenance and repairs on your own HVAC system. Vocational colleges are already a cheaper option for adult continuing education, but when you achieve a degree that does double duty like "HVAC technician/ contractor," then it is similar to paying yourself to return to school. This does not even take into account the hourly wage you will make working for an HVAC business or working as your own contractor.

You Get to Know Who's Who in the HVAC Contract Business in Your Area

You probably rely on various stats and business reviews to hire someone for HVAC repair now, but what if you could actually get to know a furnace repair specialist before hiring him or her? It would help you decide who to hire and who to avoid. As you work through your education in HVAC repair, you meet and make contact with many of these people in your field and in your area. While you, yourself no longer need that information because you will be able to do your own repairs, the information does prove valuable when a customer wants a referral or is seeking information from you on another contractor.

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